LR41 Batteries
LR41 Batteries - Button Cell

Need to find the best deal on LR41 batteries?  Read our review and save money. LR41 batteries are small 1.5 volt button shaped battery cells. You use them in lights, calculators, toys, etc.  Buying batteries for your electronics can add up.  Especially for small lights, where you have multiple lights or devices that use multiple batteries. Shopping smart can save you a lot of money.

Depending where you shop, most places will either carry Energizer or Duracell button cell batteries. These companies do not make an LR41 battery, but they make a compatible battery in the same size called the 392 battery. Unfortunately, most places only sell them in single quantities.

Energizer 392
(Equivalent LR41)
This national store had the 392 battery for $4.99. According to Energizer, their battery has a capacity of 41 mAh. Battery life per dollar = 8.2 mAh. 
Duracell 392
(Equivalent LR41)
Another national chain store had this Duracell battery for $4.29. Duracell claims their battery has a capacity of 45 mAh. Battery life per dollar = 10.5 mAh.
AG3 Pack
(Equivalent LR41)
This 10 pack of LR41 batteries are available online. The price was $2.00 with free shipping. Typical capacity of 35 mAh. Battery life per dollar = 175 mAh.  

So buying batteries online from a specialty battery retailer can get you 17 times the battery life for the same money from buying equivalent batteries from a national retail store. It would cost $17.16 just to power up 4 finger lights with Duracell batteries, but only 80 cents with the LR41 / AG3 batteries. You can see that the savings can be quite significant.

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